Work Boot Repair : How Can You Do it Easily at Home

Work Boot Repair How Can You Do it Easily at Home

Work boots are built to take a lot of punishment, but even the toughest ones can come apart. Yes you may take your boot to a professional to fix. Or, Learn some boot repair techniques so that you can do it by yourself and in addition save a handsome amount of money too.

Now a days technology is so advanced that it helps almost every section in your daily life.Technology helps in our boot related problems also. There are a lot of boot related problems that can be repaired using different techniques. Those are below -

How to Repair or Replace the Sole

What You Need

  • A new sole (if it’s to be replaced)
  • Glue


Sole repair or replacement is very common. You don’t need to buy new boots however as they’re easy to repair. Get a new sole or use the old one if it is still serviceable. Apply some glue on and around the heel. Press the boot and sole together and firmly press it. Some glue dry quickly but it’s better to let the boot dry overnight.

Fix Boot Soles and Small Holes in Boots and Shoes

What You Need

  • Wax or waterproofing conditioner
  • Sealant
  • Duct tape
  • Cotton balls
  • Contact cement
  • Rubbing alcohol


If there are small holes in your new boots, use the alcohol to clean the area. Once the area is dry, apply sealant around the hole, approximately 1 cm. Use your finger to smooth the sealant and let it dry overnight.

If the sole is starting to separate from the boot:

  • Put some alcohol on a few cotton balls and clean the area. Let the alcohol dry.
  • Apply cement on the boot and sole. Put the cement where the separation is taking place.
  • After the glue dries, put some duct tape on it. Make sure the duct tape is tight and let the glue settle for several hours.
  • After the glue has dried, apply sealant in the area where it was repaired. For additional protection, waterproof the boots.

How to Fix Large Boot Holes

What You Need

  • Sandpaper
  • Leather piece of the same color as your boots
  • Waterproof leather glue
  • Alcohol or other leather cleaner solution


  • Clean the boots around the hole area. Let the boot dry.
  • Once the boot has dried, sand paper the area where you will apply the patch to over the holes. Limit the sanding around this area only.
  • If you haven’t done so already, cut a piece of the leather, just enough to cover the holes.
  • Apply glue on the all over the area. Add a liberal amount of glue along the edges.
  • Put the leather piece you cut over the hole. Remove any excess glue.
  • Press your hand firmly over the glued leather piece firmly. Let the glue dry overnight and the boot should be ready.

How to Fix Peeling Leather

What You Need

  • Boot saver toe guards


As soon as the leather starts to come off, the best way to deal with this is to buy new boot saver toe guards. Make sure the fabrics for the toe guards match. Carefully take out the wrapping and put it on the boot’s toes. Once set, the guards will remain in place and reduce wear and tear around that part.

How to Fix Worn Out Steel Toe Soles

What You Need

  • Adhesive like Shoe Goo


This is one of the easiest work boot toe repair jobs you’ll have to do. When the sole shows signs of being worn out, apply adhesive along the sides. Carefully seat and wait for the adhesive to dry. You can also use Shoe Goo or a similar adhesive for electrical and metatarsal boots with worn out heels.

How to Waterproof Boots

What You Need

  • Dubbing wax or other waterproofing agent
  • Hair dryer


Clean the boots, Dry it and apply the wax or waterproofing agent. If you’re using wax and it’s too hard, you can soften it with a hair dryer. After that, dry the boots for an hour or so. Don’t apply direct heat because it’s going to crack the leather.

Suede and nubuck leather need reproofing spray that is especially designed for these materials. Do not use sprays that are not meant for suede or nubuck as they could damage the material. For instance, dubbin wax is for smooth leather and will damage suede and nubuck.

To know more about this process follow this guide.​

How to Condition Cracked or Dried Leather Boots

If your leather boots are cracking or drying up, conditioning is in order.

What You Need

  • Conditioner
  • Clean cloth


Pour a little bit of conditioner on the cloth or just on your fingers. Apply a thin coat over the boot, including the seams and welts. Use the cloth to wipe away any excess conditioner. Let the boots dry.


Learning how to repair your work footwear is easy as long as you have the right materials. With the right approach you’ll not only save a trip to the shoemaker, but it’ll give you an insight on how shoes are made and how to better care for them.

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