Wool vs Cotton Socks : Why to Choose Any of Them?

Today, people have started to be innovative with their clothing, that they tend to leave socks out of their wardrobe sometimes. After all, its just a small piece of clothing what can it do? In case you didn’t know, socks are actually very useful, and it serves many purposes.

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Socks don’t change in style unlike the latest trends and fads now a day, let’s be honest, would you put in as much effort with the socks you wear like you would your daily wardrobe? Maybe not. The truth is no one gives value to socks, and it’s a common mistake that people tend to disregard or completely take it out of their out fit.

The daily socks that you wear make a huge impact on your comfort and can actually keep you warm on those days where the weather is a bit chilly. In this article, we will be discussing the difference between cotton and wool socks, along with its importance.

Cotton Socks

As you may have noticed, almost everything now a day is made out of cotton, t-shirts, linens, towels, and etc. why you may ask? This is because it is very cheap, and a lot of people will prefer to use cotton because you can find it almost anywhere.

If you want something breathable for the feet, cotton socks will be your best pick. It is nice to use for short walks with shoes that are also breathable; preferably shoes that are made out of nylon mesh uppers. It is incredibly soft, because it is made out of 100% natural fibers that will not make your feet itch.

The only downside about these socks is it is not the best pick for any kind of sports; and it wont’ keep you totally warm in the winter, because it does not insulate heat too well. That’s why you will notice that even if you are wearing ordinary cotton socks, you still feel cold after a while.

Wool socks

Have you ever wondered where wool comes from? In case you haven’t, wool actually comes from sheep. These animals are normally fuzzy and warm by nature, so it is not hard to see why they do not have a problem staying warm when it is very cold. Not only is it incredibly comfortable to wear, but also highly durable. The fibers that come in wool socks are extremely strong, and they are elastic, which means that you can stretch all you want, but it will still maintain its shape or even replicate the shape of your clothing.

Another good thing about wool is it insulates heat very well, as compared to cotton and other sock materials. Even if it is almost 0 degrees in your area, wearing wool will make you feel very warm. Sounds good? Don’t get too excited because there are also some downsides that you need to watch for and consider.

For one, it is pretty heavy on the wallet. Of course it is not because of the material itself – raising sheep isn’t too hard either- but, collecting it, processing it, and cleaning it takes a lot longer than you think. Processing wool takes noticeably longer than any other kind of sock material out on the market today.

If you look for this material as compared to cotton, you will have quite a hard time looking for it, plus twice as expensive as cotton. Believe it or not, it can be your best choice for colder months, but not exactly the best choice for regular outings and get together’s.

​How can you decide which one to pick?

Before you can pick the best pair of socks for you, you first need to identify what you will need it for. Like deciding which clothes to wear, you need to fit the choice of your socks to the situation of your weather first. If its going to be cold, it will be a good idea to stock up on some wool socks, or if you’re going to work, cotton socks will be the best because it is the most common.

Second that you will need to base your decision on, are the activities that you will be doing for the day. If your going to go out for sports, walking, and etc. cotton will not be the best choice, because it absorbs the sweat. Saturate, and dry quickly which will eventually cause some really bad blisters and foot pain.


Remember choosing the right socks is like looking for the right set of clothes to wear, you have to fit them to the occasion. When you make a mistake, it can lead to a lot of stress, and unwanted pain. Make sure that before you pick a pair whether wool vs cotton socks, you have carefully evaluated everything so that you do not end up with bruised up feet.