What Color Socks to Wear : Does It Really Matter?

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Socks – one of the most vital pieces of clothing, everyone has a pair, and it’s quite impossible for one person not to have, unless they don’t use socks at all. Even though most of us wear this daily, not all of us put enough thought into what pair to wear for each day. Does it really matter What Color Socks to Wear? Some of us may use the generic black and white, some will try to go with different multi colored ones, and the others will try to not wear socks at all.

Depending on our preference, whether we want to wear a pair or not, the use of socks will depend entirely on the situation and the outfit that you choose to wear for the day when going to work. If you end up wearing poor quality socks but with a nice outfit, then you are definitely on the right track to weakening the overall strength of other people’s impression of you.

Remember, for any one that you will meet for the first time, first impressions matter, and this will normally determine the outcome of your personality and hygiene. You don’t have to look sharp all the time, however the more presentable you are, the better the chances that people will take you seriously in terms of business and personal life.

Believe it or not, even though socks are a particularly small part of your wardrobe, these are still considered very important to the life of your shoes, especially your feet. Since your feet are prone to sweating, this can significantly damage your footwear, as well as leave your feet with blisters, and calluses that you really don’t want.

Choosing which socks to wear everyday, and deciding which pair of socks go well with the style of shoes you have, can be stressful at times, since socks come in many different patterns, lengths, luckily, we will be discussing in this article how to pick the best socks to go with each occasion, and remember rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your socks.

The General Rules to Wearing Socks

Before you go buying every pair of socks that you appeal to you, you must first learn the rules to wearing these so that it will be easier for you to pick a pair for every outfit. Not all people are familiar with these rules, which is why we will be discussing it here. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Do not by all means wear dress socks with athletic shoes, like rubber shoes, as these are obviously not made for sports.
  • If you are unsure with what color of socks to wear, stick to black as these are the most neutral and can match any outfit.
  • Make sure that your socks match, with no visible holes. The reasons for this are pretty obvious, but this is an easy mistake to make.
  • Ensure that you wear a pair of socks that fit well on your feet, too much pulling can stretch the material and can end up sagging around your ankles, if you are not careful.
  • The socks that you wear should cushion your feet from impact with the ground. It should also prevent your skin from rubbing against the inside of your shoes.
  • If you are wearing jeans, there are a lot of options – but if you are unsure, the best option is black.

When Not to Wear Brightly Colored Socks

When you are trying to make a good impression, bright colored socks are not a good idea for you to wear, because this could mean a lot of things, like for example bold solid colors, or classic patterns like paisley, or argyle, can be an indication of cartoon characters and others.

Basically, these socks are not going to cut it as part of serious business attire or in a gloomy occasion like a funeral. These situations are not about you trying to express your individuality, there are about you showing respect towards other people and fitting in.

Unless you own a huge company, or a former rock star, if you are anything like the rest of us, its best to stick to a neutral color for business occasions, and any color of your choice during social gatherings.

Rules for wearing Brightly Colored Socks

If you are unsure of how you can use brightly colored socks, here are some good and simple guidelines for making it all workout well:

  • When you do not know what to wear, go with the classics: so what exactly is a classic pattern? One example of a classic pattern is Argyle. These are the diamond plaid patterns and lines. These have been a traditional sock pattern specifically for men. All men have a pair of these socks, and you wont go wrong with it. In terms of color, these sock patterns start with a simple black or grey combination and then make their way through more vivid colors.

    If you cant find this pattern anywhere, or you don’t like it, you can also try solid colors with small figure patterns like paisley, which are also good. If you start with these, and you somewhat keep the colors restrained, you should be able to ease yourself into colored sock habits fairly easily.
  • Be aware of the contrast: when we say contrast, this will normally refer to the change from one adjacent color to the next. In general, you will want to have something that is in perfect balance of contrast throughout your whole appearance. This means that if your top half is very subtle, you will want your lower part to be in contrast of that. In short, you don’t want eye-popping color changes on the lower part of your body.

    As a healthy rule of thumb, make sure that you try to keep the contrast between your socks and your trousers at around the same level of contrast as the shirt you are wearing. That way, all the people who come your way are seeing the same visual impression all the way up.

So, decide what color socks to wear on the basis of above factors we discussed. Enjoy.