Socks vs Leg Warmers : An Insight Overview

Socks vs Leg Warmers An Insight Overview

One of the questions you’ve probably come across online is which is better, socks or leg warmers? Just like with other questions about footwear, there is no “right” answer because it depends on your needs. If you’re not familiar with their features it’s easy to confuse the two, so let’s clear things up here.

What are Leg Warmers?

Leg warmers are exactly that, apparel designed to warm your legs. They’re tubular in design, made from thick materials to cover and warm your legs. The length is usually just under or over the knee and ends around the ankles or heels.

Some leg warmers are made from crocheted or knitted yarn, but there are also leg warmers comprised of synthetic fur and other materials. Styles vary too, with the 3/4 length stretching from your ankle to the lower knee or the middle calf. Those that stretch from your ankle to the knee is full length, while the boot cuff cover spans from your knee to the interior of your boot’s top along the calf.

Tips for Buying Leg Warmers

If you’re buying leg warmers to keep you warm – and it’s not just for fashion purposes – get a pair with insulating fabric. Most have Lycra level thickness, but you may need something thicker.

Roubaix is a fleece-backed Lycra which holds air against your legs to keep you warm. You’re also going to find leg warmers made from an assortment of knitted materials like Merino wool or polyester. These are warmer and thicker compared to Roubaix. They’re also knitted in a single piece, so there are no seams.

Socks Types

There are many types of socks, but cotton is the best when it comes to keeping you dry and warm. What makes cotton effective is it keeps moisture away. Even if you’re working out and sweating, your feet remain comfortable and dry.

Socks are not just for keeping sweat at bay, as they’re also great when it comes to keeping you warm. Unlike leg warmers, socks cover your feet as well so this can make a huge difference if your feet need warmth.

There are many types of socks that can keep you warm, but the most effective is wool. If it’s cold, wool socks are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping the cold away. Unlike cotton however, they’re not as effective in keeping away moisture in your footwear.

Aside from socks that keep you warm, they can also be used for every day wear, jogging, hiking and so on.

Tips for Buying Socks

  • Whether you want socks to keep you warm or dry, make sure they’re the right size.
  • Wool and cotton are two of the most common materials used, but they’re not the only ones. If you feel comfortable with others, try them out as well. Always try the socks with your shoes as that’s when you’ll be wearing them.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between socks and leg warmers?

AnswerLeg warmers are similar to socks, but they’re designed to over the lower leg and reach only to the ankles.

Question:  Can I wash leg warmers the same way as socks?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Can leg warmers provide relief from muscle fatigue?

AnswerYes, many are designed for that purpose.  

Leg Warmers and Socks: Which Should You Wear?

As we have shown here, there are similarities and differences between the two. As to which is better, some prefer leg warmers but in other cases socks may be more suitable.

However you don’t have to choose one, as you can have both and wear what is most appropriate. If your legs get really cold but not your feet, the warmers will work best. They’re going to keep your legs warm without your feet feeling like they’re being choked. On the other hand if both legs and feet get cold, you’re better off with socks. In the end only you can make the decision which pair to wear.

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