Metatarsal Work Boots : 7 Best Choices For You

If you are a construction worker, a miner, or a welder, you need to wear the best metatarsal work boots. This article will help you find the right metatarsal guard work boots depending on your needs and budget.

Metatarsal Work Boots Buying Guide

Metatarsal bones are the five long bones that connect the ankle to the toes. This group of bones helps maintain your balance when you walk or stand.

Metatarsal bones are at risk of injuries in a heavy industrial setting like a construction site. Since the front of the foot sticks out past the body line, there is a chance that this part of the body can be injured by a rolling or falling object.

The lack of muscle or fat in between the skin and metatarsal bones further makes this part of the foot very susceptible to injuries. Without any flesh protecting the bones, the metatarsal bones can easily be damaged by a falling object.

Metatarsal fracture can also happen during a fall. A worker who accidentally strikes his foot against an immobile structure may also suffer from metatarsal fracture.

Fortunately, metatarsal work boots have been designed to protect this part of the foot. Work boots with metatarsal protection can reduce the risks of injuries if and when metatarsal bones are impacted by a falling object.

Work boots with metatarsal guards can protect the feet against impact or blows. These boots can resist a load that is normally heavy enough to crush a foot if one is wearing regular work boots.

Work boots with metatarsal guards can also protect the foot against powerful cutting equipment such as angle grinders. These work boots can also safeguard the feet against chemicals, solvents, and other liquid spills.

It can be easy to mistake metatarsal work boots for men with those boots that have a steel toe. Both steel toe and metatarsal guards protect the metatarsal bones against injuries.

However, shoes with metatarsal guards protect a much larger portion of the feet compared to shoes with a steel toe.

Types of metatarsal guards

There are generally two kinds of metatarsal guards—external and internal.

Metatarsal boots with external metatarsal guards are made of impact resistant plastic. The metatarsal guard is located outside the shoe and covers the lace. It also extends down to the safety toe.

There are also external metatarsal guards that are covered in a leather pocket. This can protect the feet against heat, aside from giving the boot a more stylish look.

External metatarsal guards were previously unpopular amongst workers because these make boots heavy, stiff, and uncomfortable to wear.

But external metatarsal covers for work boots are also affordable. This makes them attractive for budget-conscious shoppers. Moreover, there are models which allow workers to remove the metatarsal guards if they wish.

Most workers prefer internal metatarsal guards because boots that use these are more stylish. Internal metatarsal guards used to be notorious for comfort issues. However, most boots with internal metatarsal guards today are now more flexible and thus comfortable to wear.

In choosing a metatarsal work boot, you should not only consider the price. You must also take into consideration factors such as comfort, weight, and style.

When shopping for boots with metatarsal guards, it is recommended that you try on new boots at the end of the day. Our feet normally swell during the afternoon. Thus it isn't practical to try boots in the morning.

You should also walk in new boots to ensure that it is comfortable specially diabetic patients should be extra careful about their footwear.

Top 7 Metatarsal Work Boots

01. Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot

This is a pair of boots that is highly recommended to any industrial worker. You would love wearing these Dr. Martens boots if you are an electrician, construction worker, or welder.

This footwear is designed to protect your feet while you are hard at work. It features a metatarsal guard and steel toe that can keep your feet out of harm’s way.

There is also a water-resistant, full-grain leather uppers. These are ultra-durable. It can protect your foot against metal pieces that may get in through your laces when you wear an ordinary shoe.

Plus, this boot features a skid-resistant sole. Thus you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t likely slip even if you walk on floors with lots of spills.

However, do keep in mind that a common complaint about this boot is its weight. Most people who've worn these say it’s a bit heavy for them.


  • With skid-resistant sole
  • Water resistant leather upper that protects foot
  • It is comfortable to wear


  • It is a bit heavy

02. Timberland PRO Men's Gravel Pit 10" Steel Toe Waterproof Boot

Similar to the Dr. Martens boots, this pair of Timberland waterproof boots is heavy. Each shoe weighs around 4 pounds. But you would be surprised at how comfortable these boots are.

This pair of boots is the type of footwear you won’t hesitate to wear all day long. It can also keep your feet dry and warm.

It also comes with anti-microbial and goretex lining. This feature prevents nasty smell from developing in the boots. You won’t have to be troubled or embarrassed with foot odor when you wear these boots.

It can also protect your feet. The metatarsal guard, heel shank, and steel toe all work together to safeguard your feet.

But it may take some time for you to get used to wearing these boots due to their weight.

This is ideal for construction or mining workers as it has a reflective piping. This enhances the visibility of the boot, and makes the wearer more noticeable to surrounding people.


  • Very comfortable
  • Prevents foot odor from developing
  • Keeps feet dry and warm


  • Heavy

03. Timberland PRO Men's 53530 8" Metguard Steel-Toe Boot

This is another pair of boots highly recommended to industrial workers. Welders and construction workers will also find these boots useful.

It has a generously sized steel toe cap. Its metatarsal guards, on the other hand, are designed to protect your feet against dropping or falling objects.

This boot is also very comfortable. You can wear this for the entire day without your feet getting tired.

This boot features a rubber outsole. It is oil and abrasion resistant. You can be out in a steel yard the entire day with enough confidence that you won’t slip while wearing these boots.

It also doesn’t take a lot of time for these boots to be broken-in.

Aside from the weight, you will have to be warned that these boots are one size larger than most boots. Keep that in mind if you are to buy these boots.



  • A bit heavy

04. KEEN Utility Men's Louisville 6" Internal Met Work Boot

If you have been bothered by ankle problems before, and you want to be comfortable while working in the field, then you should get the KEEN 6 inch Internal Met work boot.

Its superior ankle support is a key feature of this work boot. The boot is formed to the shape of the foot. When you wear them, you’d feel your feet are being cradled from all sides.

However, the design won’t make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, standing or walking for hours should not be a concern when you have these boots on your feet.

The sole also gets a lot of positive feedback from its owners. Many online reviews suggest that the sole is well built. It can also resist oil and abrasion.

This boot, however, may be a bit too narrow for people with wide feet. This is something you'd want to keep in mind if you're considering this boot.


  • It offers superior ankle support
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Its sole is well built


  • May not be the best choice for people with wide feet

05. Timberland PRO Men's Excave External Met Guard Work Boot

This could be the most stylish boot in this list. It is a pair of good looking boots. It also gets good feedback for being comfortable and durable. And yes, it can still prevent your feet from getting a nasty injury at work.

The steel safety toe can protect your feet from getting hurt while you are working. And this boot is quite lightweight unlike other metatarsal boots.

The shape of the bottom of this boot is built much like that of a running shoe. Thus you should be able to walk well with these boots on your feet.

It is also ideal for people who stand most of the time. Welders and construction workers will love this pair of boots.

This boot is also durable. Several reviews online suggest this can last for years.


  • Lightweight
  • Very stylish
  • Comfortable


  • Break in can take a while

06. MuckBoots Men's Chore Safety Toe Metatarsal Work Boot

Coal mine workers and other people who are constantly exposed to cold and wet conditions should consider wearing these boots.

This boot has a stretch fit topline that protects the calf. It also keeps the warmth in while preventing that part of the body from getting cold.

These are waterproof boots that can keep your feet dry. It is not surprising that coal miners are among those who have written positive reviews about this boot.

These are boots without laces. So, those who have problem with tie laces, its an ideal boot for them.

These are also very comfortable boots that you can wear all day long. There’s enough room for your toes to wiggle.

It is also lightweight, hence, you should not get tired when you walk them all day.

The metatarsal guard also runs next to the steel toe. This combination further protects your feet against falling objects and debris that can potentially harm it.


  • Lightweight
  • Protects the feet against cold
  • Comfortable


  • It only has a one year warranty which is quite short

07. Thorogood Men's I-Met Technology Metatarsal Guard Boot

This is another lightweight and comfortable pair of metatarsal guard boots. There’s enough room for toes to wiggle. Some reviewers online saying the boots tend to run a little wider than normal.

This work boot is equipped with an internal metatarsal guard and a steel toe cap. This design further enhances the type of protection that this work boot gives to your feet.

The rubber sole of this work boot is also slip resistant. It’s something you should wear when you are working in areas with slippery floors. You will have the peace of mind knowing that this boot can prevent you from slipping.

This is a reasonably priced work boot that you can buy if you are on a budget.

There are some complaints, though, about the size of this work boot. Some reviewers online found the boot to be too wide for them.

But for its price, the boot is a good buy considering its build quality and inclusion of a metatarsal guard.


  • Affordable
  • Slip resistant
  • With a metatarsal guard and steel toe design


  • Some Issues with Sizes

Some F.A.Qs regarding Metatarsal Work Boots


Metatarsal work boots are highly recommended to welders, construction workers, miners, carpenters, and miners, among others.

If you work in an environment where your feet are exposed to threats like heavy objects falling, or floors that are slippery , then you should really get a pair of boots with metatarsal guards. Wearing one at work can spare your feet from injuries, and prevent you from being sidelined for an extensive period.

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