How to Wear Boot Socks : Some Quick Tips

How to Wear Boot Socks Some Quick Tips

For any lady with a trendy pair of boots, it is often a struggle to figure out what socks to wear. Sometimes, we often pick the wrong pair of socks to go with a very stylish and sophisticated pair of boots, because these can be sticking out, or it can be pushed too far down, which can end up in blisters. In these types of situations, it is better to assess the pair of boots that you have and go from there.

There are different pairs of socks that go with a specific pair of boots, for example, if you are using low ankle type boots, long socks, stockings or leggings will be the best, whereas if you have a long pair of cow boy boots, short socks will be better. As you can see, the choice of your socks, will all depend on the type of outfit you are wearing, and of course your comfort.

If your are having a hard time deciding on which pair of socks to wear, or you simply have no idea about how to make yourself look cute with a pair of boots, you need not worry, because in this article we will be teaching you how to choose the right socks to go with your best looking pair of boots.

Sock Height VS Boot Height

So, we come to the first part of every girl’s boot dilemma. Socks VS the height of your boots. First of all things, you must first mind the proportion of your getup and aim to compliment your shape. In other words the higher your boots, the better. If you are aiming to elongate your legs, do not go for ankle boots, because these can make your legs look shorter, in addition to that, if you pair it up with some bulky socks, it can add enormous volume to your lower legs.

The best way to compliment your boots is by using loose, slouchy styles so that you have a more relaxed look. If you want something that is at least at the right level of sock to boot ratio, you can go for a mid calf to knee high pair of boots, because these are the most neutral. If you are a tall girl, you will want to go with thigh high, or over the knee socks.

If your primary aim is to show your socks, then you will probably need to invest in a few new pairs of boots that are specifically designed to hit at least faintly higher than the rise of your boots. Once you have the formation down, you can experiment on your style, like for example, if you want a cool look, you can go with the scrunch sock style, or if you are trying to pull off the sweet girl look, you can go with a peek a boo sock vibe that barely grazes the top of your boots.

All in all, it will depend on your mood, but you must not go overboard with the styling. Go with something that will make you feel confident and sexy enough to walk around in.

Picking the right Style of Footwear

Picking the right sock and boot combination will require more than selecting the right height for both. You can just pick whatever feels comfortable without minding the style of both your socks and boots combined. For a look that is low maintenance, boots that are at least flat, or close to flat and less chunky with classic lines, are the best pick if you plan on wearing eye-catching socks. This will be the best time to take out those riding boots you have stacked up in the back of your closet.

Whereas, buckle embellished, grunge styled boots look absolutely gorgeous when you style it with neutral colors like black, grey or taupe socks. If you have a pair of motorcycle or combat boots, you can pair it up with these socks. Overall, just learn how to balance the accessories found on your boots with the right kind of socks.

As you can see, the key to pulling off all of these looks, is to treat your socks as if they were a piece of jewelry that you wear on your neck. This will help you find the right balance with your boots. You should also keep in mind that the thickness of your socks, thicker pairs will offer more substance to grunge, while the thinner ones will be better for the more accessory embellished boots.

If you put as much effort into pairing your socks and boots, you’ll find that you can actually pull off any style that you want, for as long as you maintain the balance and the order of these things first before anything else.