Do You Know How to Stop Feet Sweating in Work Boots?

Sweaty feet leave an unpleasant smell not just on your feet but boots as well. It also makes your feet vulnerable to bacteria and germs. You can remove your foot odor by using  either Foot Odor Eliminator Powder or for quick action can use Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray that created by the continuous sweating in boots.

But prevention is better than cure. So, Learning how to stop feet sweating in work boots is essential, whether those boots are for work or leisure.

Methods of Stop Sweating in Footwear

It’s normal that your feet sweats inside shoes as all the human skin nature is not same. But, some people suffer a lot due to such unstoppable sweating. They can’t do their office in a mannered way. Even in a meeting it feels awkward and uncomfortable.

If you have to wear work boots a long time daily then it’s so disappointing. In this case, you should be careful before selecting your work boot like for diabetic patient there are special footwear.  

Here are some ways to keep your feet and footwear sweat free.

Wear Clean Absorbent Socks

Don’t wear the same pair of socks twice. Wash socks once you’ve used them. You should also buy antibacterial socks if your feet sweat a lot.

Socks are very cheap, and they’re sold in packs so there’s no reason to use the same pair over and over. Wash your socks in cool water, hang to dry and fold. Repeat this for all your socks.

All quality socks are absorbent to a degree, but for extra sweaty feet, highly absorbent socks are necessary. The thickness varies, but they are light, comfortable and keep your feet cool.

When choosing socks, the goal is to wick moisture off your feet. This won’t just prevent odor but also prevent athlete’s foot. Don’t worry if your socks get wet at the end of the day, as it won’t affect your feet.

Wear the Right Pair of Work Boots

Do you work in high temperature zones? Wear work boots that give your feet room to breathe and feel cool. If you sweat easily at work, it could be your boots are too hot. Consider replacing them with something more comfortable.

If you’re stationed in the desert or someplace where it gets really hot, forget about waterproof work boots and get cool boots instead.

Keep Sweat Off Boots

List of materials you can use for good result. 

  • Newspaper
  • Foot powder
  • Antiperspirant
  • Color safe bleach
  • Laundry detergent
  • Black Tea
  • Bowl
  • Towel
  • Antibacterial soap


Sweaty feet need clean work boots, so stuff newspaper in your shoes when not wearing them. The newspaper soaks in the moisture and keeps sweat from sticking on the boots.

Foot Powder

Spray foot powder in your boots prior to putting them on. There are a lot of these available so you just need to find one you like. 

Foot Odor Eliminator Powder is the best in the market. Spray a liberal amount in each boot and combined with clean socks will make a difference.

Foot powder is most effective for moderate cases of feet sweating. For heavy sweating you’ll need high quality foot powder. Spray on your feet and the boots. Your feet should feel fresh even if it’s hot.

There are lots of foot powders, but they have the same purpose, prevent your feet from sweating. Be liberal with your application especially if you work in a hot environment.


Spray antiperspirant like ZeroSweat Antiperspirant  or SweatBlock antiperspirant on your feet to remove the smell and prevent excess sweating. If you can’t find one designed for your feet, use underarm antiperspirant. Like foot powders, these are meant to keep sweat off.

Apply the antiperspirant between your toes. Spray lightly and that should do the trick. However, spray powders are more effective than gel, stick or roll-on.

Wear Breathable Work Boots and Socks

Give your feet room to breathe in your socks and boots. Avoid tight fitting work boots as they’ll make you sweat even more. Your toes should have some wiggle room once you’ve tied the laces. Leather and canvas work boots are the most comfortable.

Get Rid of Sweaty Feet with Black Tea

Pour warm water in a bowl large enough to put your feet in. Put several packets of black tea in the bowl. Give the tea time to steep. Place your feet in the bowl for half an hour. Do this on a regular basis and the tea’s tannic acid will eliminate the sweat.

Keep Your Feet Clean

Wash your feet every day with antibacterial soap and warm water. Make certain your feet are dry before wearing any socks. Always use a clean, dry towel to pat your feet.

Clean Your Work Boots

Clean your work boots once a week if you have sweaty feet. Use mild soap or detergent and wash those boots. Work boots are made of tough leather so they can handle regular cleaning. Do not soak leather boots in water however.

Let Work Boots and Socks Dry

Do not wear wet work boots or socks. You should also make sure your feet are dry before putting socks and boots on.

Invest in Quality Products

From socks to work boots to antiperspirants, make sure you buy quality product from renowned brands. Regarding this my friend, Jerry Jhonson from Toolzfinder said "Always Look for those products that receive good user reviews and customer feedback even if they cost you more than others in the market. But in the long run they eventually save your money"

​Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do my feet sweat so much?

Answer: Some people are predisposed to excessive sweating. Other times it is caused by athlete’s foot or other diseases. Hot working conditions can also make your feet sweat profusely. Dirty socks and work boots also make feet sweat.

Question: ​Is the sweating due to my feet or my work boots?

Answer: It could be one or the other, or both. Tight fitting work boots could make your feet sweat even if you’re not predisposed to it. But if you naturally sweat a lot, you’re going to sweat regardless of the footwear you wear.

Question: ​What socks are best for sweaty feet?

Answer: Wool socks, cotton socks and moisture wicking socks are the best. Antimicrobial and antibacterial socks are also good.

Question: ​Are rubber boots bad for smelly, sweaty feet?

Answer: Rubber doesn’t allow your feet much room to breathe, so they should be avoided.

Question: ​My feet take too long to dry after washing. What should I do?

Answer: Use a hair dryer to dry your feet. Apply foot powder or antiperspirant afterwards.

Question: ​Is it okay to change my socks more than once a day?

Answer: ​If you sweat a lot, it’s all right to change your socks more often. Bring an extra pair of socks so you can replace them when necessary.


As we have shown here, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep sweat off your feet. Any of the methods we have outlined above should work just fine. Now you don’t have to worry about how your feet smell no matter how hard you work.