How to Remove Creases from Leather Shoes

How to Remove Creases from Leather Shoes

o your leather shoes have unsightly creases that just won’t come off? There’s no need to take the shoes to the repair shop as you can remove them without too much difficulty. Just follow the instructions on removing creases from your leather shoes and you’ll be saying goodbye to those creases in no time.

  • Table to place the materials
  • Leather shoes
  • Wash clothes
  • Packing papers
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Steam producing iron
  • A bottle of water

Step by Step Guide

  1. Gather several packing paper. Pack them as tight as possible. Put the papers in each shoe.
  2. Put inserts in the shoes. Ensure the inserts match the shoes, and those from the shoes’ box are preferable.
  3. Remove the laces from the shoes. This makes it easier to remove the crease and ensures they don’t get burned by accident.
  4. Prepare your iron by filling it with water up to the. Make sure the iron isn’t plugged in.
  5. Put a couple of cotton cloths over each shoe. This will provide protection against burning.
  6. Pour lots of water on each toe box.
  7. Iron the cloth which has been placed over the shoe toe crease. Allow the steam to warm. This will make the iron stretch out.
  8. Stop ironing and let the cloths and shoes cool down. Do not remove the cloths and allow the temperature to drop naturally.
  9. Once the cloths have reached room temperature, remove them. The creases are now gone.

Way to Remove Creases on Boots

Materials You Will Need

  • Cedar shoe trees
  • Electric iron
  • Leather boots
  • A pair of clothes
  • Water
  • Leather oil

Step by Step Guide

  1. If you haven’t already, plug the iron into a power source. Set it to the lowest setting.
  2. Put your leather boots on a table.
  3. Dampen each cloth with water and put it over the toe areas where the creases are.
  4. Run the iron over cloth. This will heat the boot but won’t burn it. Run the iron over each spot a few times until the crease disappears.
  5. Repeat the process with the other boot.
  6. Let the boots cool down. Do not take the clothes off yet.
  7. Once the boots and cloths have cooled down, remove the cloth.
  8. Oil each boot as indicated in the product label. Use a clean clothe to apply the oil or an applicator if one is provided.
  9. Put the cedar shoe trees in the boots. This will help the boot maintain its form by stretching it. Repeat this with the other boot.

Tips for How to Prevent Creases

  • You may try using a shoe horn when putting the shoes on. This helps reduce the stress on the shoe heels. Shoving your foot suddenly in the shoes stresses the leather, leading to more creases.
  • Remove shoes gently. Sit down, hold the shoe and pull it off. Do not press your other shoe on the toe area to pull off your shoes, as that increases the crease.
  • Put cedar shoe trees or newspapers in the shoes when they’re not being used. The cedars prevent moisture and odor from building up. By preventing moisture from building up, you reduce the possibility of creasing.
  • Cedar trees also keep the shoes in their original shape. By using cedars or newspapers, you reduce the possibility of warping.
  • Do not put any objects on the toe box. If you’re traveling, put the shoes in a container where they won’t get damaged. Make sure the box is moisture free.
  • Polish and moisturize your shoes. The more you use those shoes, the more maintenance is required. Use the appropriate polish and conditioner. The conditioner must have moisturizing properties too.
  • Always dry the shoes naturally. Don’t expose leather shoes to extreme heat or cold as the leather will shrink.
  • If you have plastic trees instead of cedar, let your shoes dry for 60 minutes. Put the shoe trees in once your shoes are completely dry.
  • Get at least two pairs of shoes so you can alternate their use. If you only have a pair, use the shoe trees to keep them in shape.
  • Never use harsh chemicals and detergents on leather footwear. If your shoes are dirty, use a damp cloth and horsehair brush to remove the dirt. That’s all there is to it. If there is a torn part sew it before doing anything.

​Frequently Asked Questions

Question: ​Why does my leather footwear crease?

​Answer: ​All leather footwear creases, but extensive use makes the creasing more obvious.

Question: ​Won’t ironing damage the leather?

Answer: ​Set the iron to low, and make sure the cloth you put over the boots are thick and damp. Put ample amounts of water.

Question: ​How long do I have to iron before the crease disappears?

Answer: ​It may take some time if there is a lot of crease. If the crease doesn’t come off, you just need to go over it again using the same process.

Question: ​Is there any difference when removing creases from shoes and boots?

Answer: ​The method is basically the same, though usually you need to do more ironing on heavy duty boots.

Question: ​How much water should I pour on the cloth prior to ironing the shoe?

Answer: ​Just make sure the cloth is damp, but don’t completely drench it.

Question: ​I have my iron set to low and the creases are still there. Should I set the iron to high?

Answer: ​No, just repeat the process again with the iron at low. A medium or high setting could burn your shoes.

Question: ​Is there any type of oil or conditioner that should be used after removing the crease?

Answer: As long as it is for that type of leather, for suede, full grain, etc. your shoes will be fine. Remember, oil your shoes after cleaning, not before. You can use waterproof shoe protector as well.


The step by step guide shows how easy it to remove those creases. As long as you have the right materials and take the right approach, your shoes and boots will look new and smooth again.