Do You Know How Strong Are Steel Toe Boots?

You have probably heard of how important it is to wear steel toe boots to work. These boots have steel components on the toes so if a heavy object falls on it, your toes and feet will be protected from injury. At least that is what is supposed to happen. But how strong are steel toe boots?

There are some stories floating around the web that steel toe boots are dangerous, and that you are better off wearing regular boots. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A Close Look at the Durability of Steel Toe Boots

Steel toe boots and shoes have to meet the minimum standards set by ANSI before they’re sold to the public. All of these boots undergo numerous tests to make sure they can handle the pressure and impact.

While these boots may look like your regular footwear, they are much stronger. Regular boots won’t be able to protect your feet if there are heavy objects around. Here are examples of how durable they are.

  • Steel toe boots can withstand a 75 lb. object falling from 3 feet down. The worst that can happen is the leather gets mashed up a little. But your toes won’t get injured. Compared to regular boots, your feet will come off unscathed.
  • A fall from 3 ft. with a 400 lb. impact is going to deform the metal plate. The worst that can happen is slight injury to the big toe.
  • At a fall of 3 ft. a 75 lb. object, the steel toe boot’s clay compression will go down by 0.5”. That is right according to the specs and won’t cause any injury. If you wear regular boots, a 75 lb. object falling from this height will completely flatten it.

Other Points of Comparison

There are other ways to measure the strength of steel toe boots.

  • Experts have used an arbor press to determine how much pressure these boots can stand. A steel toe boot can handle up to 6000 lbs. of pressure before falling apart. A regular boot can only support up to 1200 lbs. This goes to show much difference the two have.
  • Steel toe shoes have shown time and again an ability to withstand a lot of heavy hits. While it is unlikely that your foot will get hit by a thousand pound object, it only goes to show how much protection steel toe boots provide.

Other Benefits of Steel Toe Boots

  • Apart from heavy objects, steel toe shoes will protect your feet from bricks, tones, sharp objects and heavy equipment that might injure your feet. These objects may not fall on you, but you could trip over them.
  • These boots are more durable than your standard shoes, so they don’t tear easily. You might be walking around sharp objects, and accidentally hit your shoe on one of these. These objects would pierce an ordinary shoe and injury your toes. With a steel toe boot, the leather will hold up.
  • Comfortable: one of the most common myths is that steel toe boots are uncomfortable. That may have been the case in the past, but now they’re easy on the feet.
  • Steel toe shoe are also slip resistant. This means you are less likely to suffer slips and falls that could result in result in accidents and injuries. This makes them useful for slippery environments.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are a lot of myths going around steel toe boots, but as we have demonstrated here, those are nothing but myths. There is a reason why they are used throughout construction sites and factories, as their ability to protect feet are well known.

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