Composite Toe Boot : Definition and Usefulness

Composite Toe Boot Definition and Usefulness

In the work boot world, there are generally two options to choose from; composite toe boots and steel toed boots. Both have various similarities and differences but we will save the comparisons for another time. Today, we’re here to talk about what a composite toe boot is and how it is best used around the work site.

What is a Composite Toe Boot?

A composite toe boot (or “comp toe” if you want to be hip) is quickly becoming the industry standard compared to steel toe. While steel toe is made of steel (no surprise there) composite toe boots are made of other, non-metal materials. Things like Kevlar, plastic or even fiberglass are all fair game. For those that don’t know, Kevlar is the material used for bulletproof vests so yes, your feet should be perfectly safe. Remember, these are safety shoes after all. They are specifically designed to protect you from various falling objects, electric shock and the various hazards in the workplace.

How is a Composite Toe Boot Useful?

Seeing as a composite toe boot is a bit more diverse than it’s steel toed counterpart, there are many uses for a "comp toe" boot. Here are a few reasons to examine.

Composite Toe Boots are Lighter

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to a composite toe boot is its weight. While it’s certainly no Nike trainer, comp toe boots will help you stay quick on your feet and running around the work site like you did back in the day. Besides being easier to walk around, having a lighter shoe means you are more nimble. No more dragging those heavy boots around and potentially kicking something, or tripping over an electrical wire. With a comp toe, you’ll be a fleet-footed worker immediately.

Composite Toe Boots are Better in Extreme Weather

There is a reason they don’t make clothes out of steel. Just think how cold it would sitting outside in a steel jacket or basking in the sun with a copper t-shirt? Metallic materials retain heat and cold all too well and we applaud them for that. However, we don’t want that quality with our shoes per say. Since composite toe boots are non-metallic, they will not retain heat or cold. That means, your feet will stay perfectly comfortable in extreme conditions leaving you to work in a more efficient manner.

Composite Toe Boots are Safer Around Electricity

It’s funny that they call them “safety boots” when in fact, they might not be safe at all. Many work environments contain dangerous scenarios involving electricity. You might think you're safe from those dangers but here’s a little scientific fact. Metal conducts electricity. Hence, if your steel toe comes in contact with any electricity, that just might be an issue. So why not opt for a composite toe boot then? The non-metallic material does not conduct electricity meaning you can work in even the most dangerous of environments. Not that you should though.

Composite Toe Boots Can Pass Through Metal Detectors

Once again, it all comes down to the metal. It’s not every day that most people go through metal detectors but for some workers, it’s the norm. It may seem like a minor thing but walking through a metal detector without setting it off every time is an added benefit. That is exactly what happens with a composite toe boot. You can work in an environment without fear of upsetting any nearby metal detectors. Again, if you don’t work in an area where this is an issue, then perhaps it’s not a big deal. However, to others, it’s these small features that make composite toe boots a better choice.

Is a Composite Boot Toe Right for You?

Now that you know the ins and outs of composite toe boots, is it the right choice for you? Of course, that all depends on the work environment. If you work in a place where metal does more harm than good, then yes, composite toe boots are for you. While they may be a bit more expensive than steel-toed, that will likely change in coming years as they become more popular.

Your toes are an important body part to take care of. One injury could keep you out of work for a long time. Hence, it’s important to take foot safety seriously and a great way to do that is by wearing the proper footwear.

Final Words

That's all from us now. Let us know what else you want to know about composite footwear and any explanations you need.