Best Waterproof Spray for Boots : 10 Top Choices For You

Buying a new pair of shoes or boots will often cost you a lot of money. So, it is only practical that you take good care of your footwear. You’ll need the best waterproof spray for boots and shoes to protect them.

FeetStrap's Pick : 

1. Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant

2. Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector 

Buying a waterproof spray for footwear is a must if you live in cold and damp regions. Waterproof sprays and wax are widely available online and in brick and mortar stores.

Are you unsure of which spray to buy? We’ll help you shop for the right waterproof spray for your footwear. Read on to find out which product you should use for your boots and shoes.

Comparison Chart for 10 Best Waterproof Spray for Boots, Shoes, Sandals




Best For



Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector

7 Ounce

Suede & Nubuck Leather Items


Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant

10.5 Ounce

Footwear and Outdoor Gear 


Kiwi Boot Protector

12 Ounce

 work, hunting, hiking and other outdoor boots and shoes


Sof Sole Water Proofer

7.5 Ounce

Shoes, Boot, and Jackets


Kiwi Suede Protector

4.25 Ounce

ion suede and nubuck shoes, boots, coats, jackets, bags


Rust-Oleum 280886 NeverWet Shoe and Boot Spray

11 Ounce

leather, suede, nubuck, canvas


Kiwi Camp Dry Water Repellent Spray

Pack of 6 (2 Ounce Each)

 boots, hunting apparel, outdoor gear, boat covers, patio furniture


Atsko Silicone Water-Guard

10.5 ounce

 outerwear, foot- wear, tents, sleeping bags and suede for all types


AtskoSno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector

Pack of 2 (7 Ounce Each)

Works on Any Surface


Angelus Shoe Wax Polish

3fl Oz

leather and corfam

Best Waterproof Spray for Boots 10 Top Choices For You

Top 10 Best Waterproof Spray for Boots

01. Scotchgard Suede & Nubuck Protector

This is one of the best waterproof spray for suede boots. It also works well for protecting nubuck shoes.

It’s very effective in blocking out snow, rain, and sleet on your favorite suede and nubuck shoes. You can even use it on your clothes and handbags. It can make your shoes, clothes, and other accessories look like new.

You should consider getting this spray if you have new suede or nubuck shoes.You can spray it about six inches away. Don’t spray outside, though. Wind can affect the spray and prevent good application.

Aside from being very easy to use, this spray also dries very quickly. It also won’t discolor your shoes.

This spray also lasts long. Some of the people who’ve used it say it lasts for several months.The manufacturer recommends re-applying the protector every six months, though.


  • Easy to apply
  • Effective in prolonging life of nubuck and suede shoes
  • Affordable
  • Dries quickly


  • Doesn’t provide arch support

This boot protector is very much recommended for waterproofing nubuck and suede shoes. It’s one of the best boot waterproofing spray products today.

02. Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant

This is reputed to be one of the best waterproof spray for boots. This spray should help you protect your investme whether you have suede or leather boots.

You’ll love having this spray in your cabinet if you live in an area where it frequently rains, or your work brings you to damp and rainy areas. Other people say they use it in waterproofing their tents and bags.

It’s very simple to apply. Simply spray it on directly on your shoe. Let it dry, and you’ll see water rolling off.

However, you will have to wait for around a day for the spray to dry. Once it dries, you can be assured it will protect your suede or leather boots against rain or snow.

It would also take several months before you have to re-apply the spray.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Takes a while before you need to re-apply it
  • Protects suede and leather shoes, tents, and bags


  • The can has a tendency to leak

This is an affordable weatherproofing solution to suede and leather shoes.

03. Kiwi Boot Protector

This boot protector from Kiwi can waterproof your leather and suede boots. It doesn't matter if you use your boots for work, hunting, or hiking. You will love how this boot protector can prolong the life of your favorite footwear.

This spray is very easy to apply. Simply follow the directions as indicated in the product package.

Most people who have used it, though, recommend applying two layers of this spray. Apply the second layer around six hours after the first coating.

There’s some smell coming from the spray that can be distracting, though. It is recommended that you apply it outside the house.

One thing you’ll love about this boot protector is that it doesn’t discolor the shoe or boots. And even if you have bright colored boots, those colors won’t be affected by the spray.


  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t discolor boots and shoes


  • It has a smell
  • It isn’t the best for nubuck shoes and boots

Consider getting this Kiwi boot protector if you’re looking for a boot protector that’s not expensive and won’t discolor your footwear.

04. Sof Sole Water Proofer

While other waterproof sprays are cheap, some of them will barely cover boots and shoes. The Sof sole water proofer, though, has enough amount of spray per can to be able to coat a good number of shoes.

Basing on reviews online, this water proofer can coat several pairs of shoes before the can empties. Thus this water proofer is highly recommended if you have several pair of suede boots and shoes.

It won’t also cause any discoloration on your boots and shoes. You can protect your footwear with this water proofer whether you have bright red leather or black suede shoes.

Like most boot protectors, it would take around a day before it dries out. This water proofer doesn’t leave any residue or coating at all.

This water proofer not only repels water. It can repel every type of liquid that can spill on your boots or shoes.


  • It is affordable
  • It can cover several pairs of boots
  • This won’t cause any discoloration


  • It has a chemical smell

This is the water proof spray that you should get if you have multiple pairs of boots.

05. Kiwi Suede Protector

This is similar to the other Kiwi boot protector. This waterproof spray is affordable. It works best for suede and nubuck shoes.

This is an excellent suede and nubuck boot protector. After applying it on your boots, and letting it dry, you’ll notice how the water slides off the shoes.

This water proofer does a great job in protecting boots and shoes against snow and heavy rains.

It also doesn’t cause any discoloration on boots and shoes. There are some online reviews suggesting that it can make black suede shoes a little darker, though.

The spray can protect your shoes for a long time. Some reviews online indicate that it would take 4-6 months before you need to re-apply the protector.

However, you may have to apply several coats of this suede protector on your shoes. This is particularly true if the weather in your area becomes very wet.

It can also emit a chemical smell when you apply it on your boots or shoes. It is thus suggested that you use this spray outdoors.


  • It is affordable
  • This protects boots against snow and rain
  • It doesn’t cause discoloration


  • You might need to put several layers to achieve best results
  • It has a chemical smell

06. Rust-Oleum 280886 NeverWet 11-Ounce Shoe and Boot Spray

This shoe and boot spray enables suede boots to repel water. It can be used not only on your boots but also tennis shoes and leather shoes.

Some satisfied reviewers online say this is the best waterproof spray for boots.

This spray should also be enough to cover several pairs of shoes. One customer shared online that this spray has made his five pair of shoes water proof.

Unlike most of the shoe and boot sprays in the market, the Rust Oleum shoe and boot spray doesn’t have a bad smell. Many customers online say the scent is quite pleasant.

It would take around 24 hours before the spray dries. Once it dries, you won’t even tell that your shoes have been sprayed on. You would notice the water beading right off your footwear when your boot or shoe is exposed to the rains.


  • Doesn’t have a bad smell
  • No discoloration on the boot or shoe
  • Easy to apply


  • It may need several layers to fully protect leather shoes

For its price, this is one of the best waterproofing spray for boots in the market today. It may be the best waterproof spray for leather boots.

07. Kiwi Camp Dry Water Repellent Spray

This is a water repellent spray that can be used for water proofing your suede and leather boots and shoes. In fact, you can even use this for water proofing bags, tents, and other items that are prone to rain or water exposure.

It can make your leather or suede shoes slightly darker. Some people who have used it on their boots and shoes say that it doesn’t really ruin the look of their footwear. It could even make your shoes or boots look new.

Just don’t use this on white colored boots or shoes. This is because there is a chance that the spray can leave a stain on the footwear.

This is a great product for hikers. You can also use it to waterproof your tent. And it would still have enough spray to waterproof a couple of hiking shoes.


  • It can make almost everything waterproof
  • It is easy to use
  • This is affordable
  • It can make boots and shoes look new


  • It can cause stains on white boots or shoes

08. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard

This is another waterproof spray that’s affordable and easy to use. It is versatile as well. You can use this on boots, shoes, jackets, hats, handbags, tents, and backpacks.

How effective is this product in water proofing items? One reviewer wrote online that he uses this in making his cloth car seat water proof. He said he’s very satisfied with this water guard.

It would take around 24 to 72 hours for the spray to get dry. There’s a noticeable chemical smell coming from the spray. But that stench should be gone once the spray dries out.

Basing on the reviews online, it would take several months before the spray wears off.

This is also very affordable; another reason why a lot of customers online are raving about it.


  • It is very good in waterproofing items
  • It is affordable
  • Very easy to use


  • Chemical scent is noticeable when it is sprayed on

09. AtskoSno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector

If we are to believe ratings online, this could be the best waterproof boot spray today. A diverse set of reviewers, from hikers to owners of landscaping firms, have good things to say about this waterproof spray.

This wax has been tested and proven effective in protecting leather not just against water, but also against heat, snow, and salt.

It has a beeswax formula that dries to a solid wax. This, in turn, stays put in the leather's surface. This is the secret to this product’s ability to protect leather.

After applying a liberal amount of this protector on your leather boots or shoes, you need to wait for 24 hours for it to dry.

Some people online wrote that it can darken shoes and boots. There are also some customers who found the protector effective in making their footwear look newer.


  • It can protect leather against all elements
  • This is easy to apply
  • It can make your shoes or boots look new


  • The wax can discolor brown shoes

10. Angelus Shoe Wax Polish 3fl Oz

This is a wax that can prolong the life of leather boots and shoes. It can smooth leather products and restore their colors.

This product is made of beeswax and Carnuba oil. It can also be very good in waterproofing your footwear.

This wax also dries faster than the other waterproof sprays in this list. Basing from numerous comments online, this spray is capable of drying after 2-3 hours.


  • Prolongs life of leather shoes and boots
  • Effective in waterproofing footwear
  • Dries quickly


  • Doesn’t leave a good shine on boots and shoes

Frequently Asked Questions


Regularly water proofing your boots and shoes can go a long way towards extending the lifespan of your footwear. It can also ensure that your feet will remain dry after you wear your boots or shoes.

There are many water proof sprays and waxes available online. Choose any of the list of Best Waterproof Spray for Boots and wax in this article , and you will help ensure your leather boots and shoes will last a long time.

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