Best Memory Foam Insoles For Extra Support & Cushioning

Style tends to matter more for a lot of shoemakers, so comfort is often put on the back burner. And if you do get to find really comfortable shoes, they’re often not that cute. So how do you find the perfect balance?

Memory foam insoles can be the answer. Check this extensive guide and the review of 7 best memory foam insoles of 2018.






HappyStep Shoe Insoles

High quality memory foam with Stoma design

Everyday use for both Men and women

Dr. Scholl’s Insoles with Air-Pillo Cushioning

Memory Foam with Air-pillow cushioning

Moderate Use

Kidsole Children’s Athletic Memory Foam Insoles

High Quality Memory Foam With Micro-Bead Technology

Best  for Kids

Softior Women’s Memory Foam Insoles

Thick and good cushioning memory foam

Women's Who Have Morton's Neuroma

Vbiger Shoe Inserts Memory Form Insoles

textured PU, gel and quality velvet

Planter Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

MEGAComfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole

Dual Layer 100% memory foam

Maximum Shock Absorption and Industrial Use

Pathbreaker Unisex Memory Foam Shoes Insoles


Pain Relief Arch Support

​Top 7 Memory Foam Insoles of 2018

To help you get started in your search and even narrow down your options for the memory foam shoe insoles, here are seven of our top picks that might help you find the perfect product for your needs.

01. HappyStep Shoe Insoles

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Commonly recommended for runners, the HappyStep Shoe Insoles is a no-frills memory foam insole that is designed to cushion your feet nicely as you enjoy physical activities and carry out everyday tasks. It’s equipped with a full arch shell design which ensures side-by-side stability and motion control.

If you’re worried about the tendency of memory foam to overheat, fret not. This unit makes use of a stoma design, or the small openings found on the surface of the insoles, allowing good airflow that helps prevent heat retention. This guarantees that the insoles will be comfortable from the moment you step on it until you’ve taken your feet out of your shoes.


  • Great for exercise and workouts
  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with active carbon fiber for efficient odor control
  • Won’t overheat with its stoma design
  • Thicker heel portion for better support
  • Friendly price


  • Can be a bit narrow for those with wide feet

A great everyday insole made of memory foam, this will be a practical choice for folks who want to stay comfortable on their feet despite long hours of standing or intense activities.

02. Dr. Scholl’s Insoles with Air-Pillo Cushioning

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Dr. Scholl’s has been one of the household names when it comes to orthotic and comfort insoles for the past few decades. They made using these products a lot more widespread, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also have their own range of products. The Air-Pillo variety is a top-rated product that is well-loved not only for its comfort but also for its convenience.

What really sets this product apart from its competition is its Sure Grip foam. This prevents the insoles from bunching up which can be very uncomfortable. It also has cooling vents that keep the memory foam from overheating, ensuring your comfort all throughout.


  • Shock absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Won’t overheat
  • Won’t bunch up and will stay in place
  • Will keep your feet dry
  • Affordable


  • Not for long-term use
  • Only comes in one size

Each pack comes with 3 insoles so you can use it for more than just your daily pair of beaters. However, as these things are basically disposable, you might want to buy a few packs to last you a while.

03. Kidsole Children’s Athletic Insoles

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Growing kids, especially those very active ones, also need ample cushioning on their feet as they move around and enjoy their daily activities. Regular memory foam insoles won’t do because they’re just too big. So if you’re looking for insoles for your little one, this Kidsole product is an excellent choice.

Designed especially for active young kids, these items feature contoured heel cups for stability as well as heel arches to provide great low arch support for your child’s feet. They also have perforations to ensure proper airflow and a micro-bead technology at the bottom of the soles to ensure a good grip and traction on to the inner of the shoes to keep the insoles in place.


  • Contoured heel cup to keep feet in place and stability
  • Great for playing sports
  • Low arch support
  • Micro-bead technology
  • Comes with guiding lines for sizing adjustments


  • Only comes in one size
  • Might not fit kids with high arches

If your child or an adult with small feet need a good insole that fits them perfectly, this can be the best pick.

04. Softior Women’s Memory Foam Insoles

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A lot of women also spend their days on their feet, so finding ways to add comfort to their footwear is a must. With a memory foam insole like this product from Softior, women can find a good fit for their relatively smaller foot size and aesthetic preference.

Unlike other memory foam insoles, this product from Softior comes in hot pink which tends to be more attractive to a lot of women. The sizing can also suit most women better.

What really makes it a great pick for women is its special design. As it is crafted to ease the discomfort brought by Morton’s Neuroma (a foot condition commonly caused by wearing high heels and is experienced by a lot of women), it makes sense that it’s marketed toward women.


  • Attractive design
  • Perforated design for good airflow
  • Shock absorbent
  • Great for everyday use


  • One size fits all so you will still need to trim them to size if your feet are smaller than size 10

Those who are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma and want a more feminine insert for their shoes will love this product.

05. Vbiger Shoe Inserts Memory Form Insoles

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Wear resistant insoles are exactly what you need if you’re after a pair that you can wear on a daily basis. The Vbiger Shoe Inserts a great pick for such a need as it is made from a combination of high-grade memory foam, gel, and velvet that make it sturdy and durable. Also designed to be breathable, this product is a great choice for prolonged and constant use.

The best thing about these insoles, however, is its non-skid design. This makes it a good option for running and sports, as it offers great stability and guarantees that it won’t slip out of place while in use.


  • Moderate arch support
  • Sweat absorbent and breathable
  • Wear resistant
  • Non-skid design promising that it will stay in place
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Heel cup design to ensure stability


  • One size fits all

If you’re not too fond of memory foam insoles that look and feel thin and flimsy, this is a good choice for you.

06. MEGAComfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole

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Some folks are willing to go all out to ensure their comfort at any time of the day. If this is your case, then you’ll love the MegaComfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole. Crafted by a doctor of podiatry and extensively researched and tested, this insole boasts of being clinically proven to be very effective in reducing pain and fatigue. Thanks to its dual-layered design that combines memory foam and the MegaGel Visco Technology, you can count on these insoles for maximum comfort and shock absorption.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Dual layer construction
  • Designed by a podiatrist
  • Machine washable
  • Hygienic
  • Ideal with steel toe footwear


  • A bit pricey

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking into investing in a great pair of insoles. They guarantee utmost comfort and are great for all kinds of footwear, making them highly versatile and reliable.

07. Pathbreaker Unisex Memory Foam Shoes Insoles

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If you like what the Pathbreaker Memory Foam Insoles offer but not a fan of the color pink or you have a large sized feet, then the Men’s Memory Foam Cushioned Insoles can be a good alternative for you. They offer similar features and specifications but this one comes in color black and can fit up to a men’s size 10 shoes.


  • Perforated design to prevent overheating
  • Designed for those afflicted with Morton’s Neuroma
  • Very comfortable
  • Reduces heel shock
  • Durable
  • Friendly price


  • Doesn’t have a wide option
  • Doesn’t have an arch
  • One size fits all

Its price, comfort level, and design makes this Pathbreaker product a great pair to wear on a daily basis to add comfort to your shoes. They will surely suit a lot of people’s needs, making them excellent picks for those who don’t require special features in their memory foam insoles.

A prominent shoemaker once said that since you’re spending most of your time either in bed or on your feet, you should always invest in both. It’s easy to dismiss this nugget of wisdom thinking that the guy just wants to make more sales from his great shoes, but if you actually think about it, what he said makes perfect sense. Your weight is either carried by your mattress or your shoes, so why not opt for comfortable ones?

Because comfort is relative, choosing a product that feels comfortable can be a challenge. There are already tons of different materials telling you how you can find the perfect mattress for you, but when it comes to shoes, things can be pretty tricky.

Who Needs Insoles Made From Memory Foam

Memory foam insoles are basically shoe inserts made from memory foam. They offer great comfort as this material has the ability to follow your feet’s contours, providing excellent support to your feet. Anyone who wants to wear comfortable kicks will definitely benefit from these products.

Benefits of Memory Foam Insoles

Not yet sold on the idea that memory foam insoles are great additions to your shoes? Get to know its benefits to help you decide whether they’re a great match for you.

They can help relieve pressure points.

Because memory foam molds to the contours of your feet, you can be sure that very nook and cranny of your sole will be supported by this insole. This will make sure that everything will get ample cushioning so there won’t be areas that will get the brunt of your weight, making it extremely painful in the long run.

They can provide excellent support to your feet.

Arch support is another great benefit memory foam inserts and insoles can offer because of its ability to follow the contours of your feet. Whether you have high or low arches or just about any kind of foot shape, the memory foam in these inserts will help provide ample support to prevent foot pains and aches.

They provide cushioning for your feet.

Memory foam insoles also often used to provide extra cushioning to one’s feet. This is very useful if you often do high-impact activities. Its great ability to absorb shock is good for your knees, ensuring that no matter how punishing your workouts and other activities may be, you’re still able to protect your body from serious damage.

They can minimize your fatigue.

With ample cushioning, they can also help minimize fatigue. Being on your feet for hours won’t be as awful as it once was before these inserts as it provides more comfort and support to your body.

Things To Be Careful Before Choosing Memory Foam Insoles

Now that you know how great memory foam products are, you might already be interested in getting a pair or two. So to help you do that, here are a few things you need to be very particular about when shopping for these items.

  • Quality: Not all memory foam insoles are made equal. They’re also not cheap. You’ll want something that won’t disintegrate after a few uses, so it’s best to look for one that’s made with high-grade materials to ensure their good quality and top notch performance.
  • Temperature Control: One of the major drawbacks of memory foam is that it tends to trap heat, making it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. This can be a problem if you intend to add cushioning to your work shoes as you’ll surely have to wear those for most of the day.

    To avoid this problem, look for products that have made strides in minimizing the overheating issues of their memory foam components. This may involve unique designs or additional materials that can improve the airflow inside the insoles.
  • Your Feet: Because you’ll be using these insoles on your feet, you should also consider the very body part that it will come in contact with. Different people have various foot shapes and conditions and you need to factor those in when buying memory foam insoles. Doing this will help you find the right match for your needs, allowing you to address the very reason why you need the insoles in the first place.
  • Design: Insoles also come in different designs, each meant for a various purpose. It should match your foot’s shape and structural condition to help it address your common comfort issues with shoes. Check whether it’s good for flat footedness, over supination, high arches, or plantar fasciitis among many others and choose according to your needs.


Want to feel like you’re walking on top of your mattress all day long? Memory foam shoe insoles can help you do that. You just need to find the right fit for your feet and you’ll surely notice how much energy you still have left even after a long day standing or walking around. We hope our top picks help you out in your search so you can start moving around comfortably right away.