Best Insoles for Work Boots: Guide To Choose the Right One

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? Do you suffer from foot pain, blisters and general discomfort? If that’s the case, you’ll need the best insoles for work boots like Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles as they’ll provide the support and comfort you need. In this guide we’ll look at the top 10 insoles available today.

Why Do You Need Insoles?

Insoles are especially useful for footwear fit issues.

  • Heels slipping: if your heels are slipping continuously, mid to high insoles can help. With these insoles you’ll notice that your heels have stabilized.
  • Insoles also help with foot elongation management as it allows for a better fit.
  • Arch support insoles are ideal if you have collapsed or low arches. With a good pair of insoles, pressure is distributed more evenly across your feet.

Benefits of Extra Insoles

  • Prevents Overpronation: overpronation occur when your foot’s arch has collapsed, causing misalignment or instability. In addition, insoles provide relief for knee pain, ankle discomfort, Achilles’ tendonitis and sprains.
  • Insoles provide relief for heel and ankle pain caused by flat feet.
  • Insoles also provide relief from plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis leads to inflammation along the toes and heels, leading to a lot of pain. This condition also induces heel pain, but quality insoles are going to provide relief.
  • Insoles also make work boots and shoes more comfortable in general. Toe and foot pain is very common and can lead to fractures. With a good pair of insoles, these are going to help.

Types of Insoles

  • Comfort Insoles: these are ideal for those who spend a lot of time walking or standing on hard surfaces. These have shock absorbing properties and put emphasis on comfort. These insoles often have foam or gel and come in ¾ length, full length, heel and arch inserts. These comfort insoles are also ideal if your boot or shoe doesn’t have enough support.
  • Sport / Support Insoles: these are harder than comfort insoles and focus on stability. The comfort level is provided not so much by the cushion but the stability.

Support insoles are ideal if you have structural misalignment issues and feel discomfort along the knees and ankles. This is also suitable for those who have plantar fasciitis, overpronation and supination.

Insole Volume

Volume refers to how much the insoles affect the space in the shoes. There are two kinds, high and low volume:

  • Low volume insoles are for low volume footwear like ski skate boots, in-line skate boots and shoes for cycling.
  • High volume insoles are more applicable for work boots, running shoes and hiking boots.

Insole Care

Even the best insoles for work boots on concrete won’t last if it’s not taken care of. Here are some tips:

  • Remove the insoles from your shoes so moisture caught between the shoe and insole can naturally dry.
  • If the insole gets dirty, wash with mild soap or detergent and rinse thoroughly. Let it air dry before you put it in your shoes or boots.
  • Check the insoles on a regular basis for indications of wear and tear.

Tips for Buying Best Insoles for Work Boots

  • Get your shoe size. Take the time to get your shoe size right so you don’t end up making a mistake when you buy the insoles. Insoles are designed for specific shoe sizes, so if you know your shoe / boot size there won’t be any problem.
  • Pick an insole that is suited for your needs. If you need pain relief and arch support, buy a pair that’s designed for it. If you’re a runner and need support for your feet, look specifically for running insoles. Since these are made for physical activities, they’re not ideal for daily use.
  • If your feet are larger, wider or longer than usual, look for semi-custom insoles so they’ll fit your feet better. This might cost more than the standard insoles, but your feet are going to thank you for it. These can be purchased online and custom fitted in your home. These semi-custom insoles are durable enough to be molded into the size and shape you want.
  • You should only buy insoles that are suitable for your feet. If you’ve got flat feet for instance, you are vulnerable to overpronation, i.e. your feet inwardly rolls as your heel strikes the ground. If you suffer from this condition, get insoles that give you better motion control. These insoles are going to make you more comfortable while running, at the same time keep you balanced.

Some Bonus Tips

  • Good insoles are no good if you’ve got worn out shoes. Insoles are there to provide support, but it’s not a replacement for quality footwear. Even if you have the best insoles, they won’t do you any good if you have tattered shoes or boots.
  • If the insole doesn’t feel comfortable the first time, chances are it’s not going to get better. Unlike shoes or boots, insoles don’t need any breaking in. If they’re not comfortable, return them and get another pair.
  • Most insoles come with extra features such as antimicrobial protection. These provide fungal protection while reducing odors. This is a feature that you’ll want to look for if you often travel in wet conditions. Even if it’s dry in your area, the anti-fungal properties will serve as extra protection for your feet.
  • Almost all insoles can be cleaned in washing machines. They’re as easy to clean as your clothes, but do keep in mind that some insoles are vulnerable to heat.
  • If the insoles come with instructions for cleaning, follow them. Most don’t require you to use specific products. But if they do, don’t experiment with other cleaning solutions.

Top 10 Product Reviews

01. Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles

The Superfeet insoles have become the preferred choice of those who want optimum support for their aching feet. The high arch keeps your feet comfortable, and the design is compatible with various work boots. These insoles are also appropriate for those occasions when ordinary insoles don’t work.


  • Insole construction is solid
  • Easy to trim
  • Eases common types of foot pain


  • The heel area may be too narrow for some people
  • A few customers say sizing is too large

Why Should You Buy This

If ordinary insoles just won’t cut it, then you’ll want to give these a look. These are classified as high end insoles and provide more support for your feet. The design of the Superfeet hasn’t changed by a lot since the 1970s, and why should they since it works just fine.

02. Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Full Length Performance Shoe Insoles for Men and Women

These insoles are good for any situation that puts a lot of pressure on your feet. There are a lot of insoles, but these are better suited for office workers and those who have to wear work boots. The nylon plate in the insole arch also helps those with flat feet. In addition, the heel’s Skydex air bubbles function as shock absorbers to protect your feet.


  • Fits well with most work boots
  • Comfortable even when worn for long periods
  • Works great for walking and cross training


  • A few customers say the insoles aren’t durable
  • Arch support is limited

Why Should You Buy This

These insoles are built from solid materials, so they can take the pounding your feet receives. The top cover has Coolmax fabric that keeps your feet dry, and they’re suitable for athletic footwear too.

03. Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Work Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s insoles are best suited for men and women who spend hours on their feet. The rubber insoles are light and have features that ease the pressure on feet with low or collapsed arches. The insoles also conform to your feet so it’s more comfortable to wear.


  • Made from quality materials
  • Conforms to feet nicely
  • Has a money back guarantee


  • You have to cut the insoles to fit your boots
  • A few customers say the insoles slip

Reason You Should Buy This

If you feel discomfort in your feet due to pressure and fatigue, Dr. Scholl’s insoles will appeal to you. You may need to trim it a little, but they’re comfortable. If you spend a lot of time walking these insoles will provide relief, and another advantage we have to add is its durability.

04. Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

The Superfeet Orange Premium is best suited for individuals who need support for their aching feet. The Superfeet insoles are also suitable for those with narrow feet and those with plantar fasciitis and pain in the arch, heel and foot. These are also ideal for long term use, and it takes the punishment, not your feet.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fits in different types of footwear
  • Durable construction


  • Breaking-in takes a few days
  • The narrow design is not for everyone

Why You Should Buy This

If you feel discomfort while walking or standing for long hours, these insoles will help. The insoles are compatible with different work boots, and its foam provides extra support. These insoles also have natural NXT anti-bacteria elements, and there is plenty of shock absorption power.

05. Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

These insoles have a low arch and should suit those who need a lot of support while they’re walking. Unlike other insoles, the Superfeet are compatible with a wide array shoes and boots so fitting is not an issue. These insoles are also suitable for those who feel pain in the heels, arch and foot. It’s also good for those who need relief from plantar fasciitis.


  • Provides excellent support
  • The insoles are comfortable
  • Fits most boots and shoes


  • The insoles are a bit stiff compared to others
  • Too short for some boots

Why Should You Buy This

The Superfeet is one of the most versatile insoles available. They’re comfortable, low profile and can be used in tight fitting work boots. If you’re looking for a replacement for your boots’ insoles, this is a good choice.

06. Timberland PRO Unisex Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

The Timberland Pro is most effective at reducing foot fatigue caused by stress. Its OrthoLite top layer and anti-fatigue elements make this possible, and they also have odor control built in. These insoles also have a top cover that regulates the temperature so you’re comfortable regardless of the weather.


  • Easy on the feet
  • Provides relief from foot aches
  • Helps prevent foot fatigue


  • One customer said the insoles are not durable
  • The insole may be too heavy for some

Why You Should Buy This

The biggest selling point of the Timberland Pro is its versatility. You can use these on different types of boots and provides maximum comfort. The insoles are also contoured for easy and natural movements. Once they’re in your work boots, you’re going to feel the difference as you walk or stand for long stretches.

07. Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Maximum All Day Comfort and Support Shoe Insole

The Spenco Polysorb insoles are made of neoprene, and the fabric makes it a good choice if you’re trying to avoid blisters. They also have antimicrobial properties to protect your feet and reduce unpleasant odors. These features make them especially useful for heavy duty use.


  • Flexible
  • Good for those who have to stand for long periods
  • Keeps your feet comfortable while walking


  • It’s a little thick in the heel area
  • Works better for people with low arches than flat feet

Why You Should Buy This

These insoles have superior cushioning, ideal if you spend lots of time standing or walking around. Its 5/32 inch Spencore layer also acts as a shock absorber. Foot pain occurs when the feet are subjected to a lot of pressure, but the material on the insole acts as a cushion, relieving pain.

08. Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles

The Orthotics Samurai insoles rival the best gel insoles for work boots in terms of performance. These are most useful when you need optimum arch support. They’re also effective when it comes to preventing overpronation. These insoles are also perfect for men and women who feel pain while donning work boots.


  • Excellent foot support
  • Well-made
  • Relieves pain


  • Arch is not that high
  • Works best for mild plantar fasciitis cases, not severe

Why You Should Buy This

These insoles are worth buying because they work, period. Plantar fasciitis and heel aches get worse if you’re wearing uncomfortable work boots, so these will provide relief. These insoles are also compatible with a wide range of footwear. You’ll also notice the slim design of the insoles, meaning they can be used with boots, shoes and slippers.

09. Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

The Footminders insoles are best suited for providing pain relief caused by plantar fasciitis. These insoles are also most appropriate for use with work boots, but they’re versatile enough to be used with sports and lace up shoes. These are also the most ideal for those who need ankle stability and support.


  • Have a nice cushy feel
  • Provides firm support
  • Provides pain relief


  • One reviewer said it offers too much support and uncomfortable
  • Arch is a bit too forward oriented in the large sizes

Why You Should Buy This

These insoles are recommended by chiropractors and podiatrists, and that should give you an idea of how good they are. If that’s not reason enough to buy, these insoles are also versatile and can be used for different types of footwear. If you have plantar fasciitis and other foot pain, these will do.

10. Dr. Scholl's P.R.O. Pain Relief Orthotics

These insoles are best suited for physically large men up to 200 lbs. or more. These are also ideal for men who need flexible insoles that follow the feet’s natural movement. These insoles are also best suited for men who want additional shock protection and pain relief.


  • Nice padding
  • Provides solid support for large individuals
  • Easy to adjust


  • One customer said the soles make an audible sound
  • Some might find the insoles too soft

Why You Should Buy This

The P.R.O. insoles are among the best in its class in terms of quality. There are few insoles that can provide the kind of support it does, but they don’t compromise when it comes to quality. These insoles also provide lateral and medial support, aiding stability. These are available in sizes 8 to 14, underscoring their versatility.

Best Insoles for Work Boots

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To answer the question what is the best insole for work boots, it depends on your needs and its material composition. Trying to figure out which among them is the best takes time, which is why we have reviewed these ten products. With any of these insoles, your boots will feel more comfortable.

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