Best Compression Socks for Travel and Pregnancy

Some people wonder why traveling can be so exhausting when all you really do is sit down. If you get to travel a lot and a lot of those journeys are long-haul trips, you’ll know that traveling is a lot more than just sitting down. It’s also composed of standing in lines, walking from one terminal to another, a lot of waiting, and hours of being cramped in your seat. If reading this hasn’t drained your energy just yet, it can easily trigger a leg cramp.

To help manage the hassle and exhaustion of traveling, more and more globetrotters are turning to the Top compression socks. Why? Keep reading to find out.

Common Feet Problems During Long Flights

During long haul trips, your legs will experience inactivity, low humidity, dehydration, and low cabin pressure. All of which can cause blood flow issues which result in lower leg swelling. In turn, it can cause cankles, or where blood pools around your ankles which make it painful to walk around and difficult to move, and blood clots which can lead to more serious issues later on.

Do you need compression socks for long flights?

Of course. During long and boring flights your legs need extra protection. As you are supposed to sit during the whole flight your legs muscles may cramp and can create other problems too. So, right level of compression socks is a must for conscious persons. 

Why do You Need Compression Socks for Your Travels?

Wearing compression socks applies a good amount of pressure on your lower legs, helping squeeze out the blood in your veins so it can travel back to your heart more easily. As blood flow is a major concern when traveling, getting help from these garments can be of great help to prevent the most common feet problems during long trips.

As these products provide more support on your legs, it will allow you stay still in a single position for long periods of time without letting your blood pool in your lower leg. This can prevent swelling and fatigue and let you be more comfortable while on the go.

Top 7 Travel Compression Socks for Frequent Fliers

Comparison Among 7 Best Travel Compression Socks at a glance



Compression Level




Physix Gear Graduated Compression Socks

20 - 30 mmHg

80% Nylon and 20% Spandex


Fytto 1020 Women Compression Socks

15-20 mmHg

75% nylon, 25% spandex


CompressionZ Compression Socks

20 - 30 mmHg

Stretchy material like Spandex


Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

10-15 to 25-30 mmHG

Cotton 80%/Polyester 6%/Nylon 9%/Lycra 5%


Mubasel Gear Compression Socks

20 - 30 mmHg

Nylon & lycra blended


Travelsox Flight Travel Socks

12-20 mmHg



Travelon Compression Travel Socks



01. Physix Gear Graduated Compression Socks

Take comfort anywhere with you with the Physix Gear Graduated Compression Socks. As they are very versatile, they will surely come in handy as you trot from one locale to another. They’re ideal for all kinds of purposes, from traveling to workouts, pregnancy, and even everyday use. Featuring a 20-30 mmHg rating, these socks will already be a great pick if you need some serious compression requirements.


  • Double-stitched, patented heel design guarantees durability
  • Highly versatile
  • Antibacterial and moisture wicking fabric used
  • Easy to wear
  • Sizing chart available
  • Great quality
  • Cute design


  • Quite pricey
  • Bulky toe seams

It’s versatile design guarantees that you can use it for different occasions, making it an excellent pick for those who want the additional support for their daily activities.

02. Fytto 1020 Women Compression Socks

Need a pair that can go well with business attires and formal dresses? This pair from Fytto might just be what you’re looking for. This plain knee-high socks will go well with many business and formal outfits as it doesn’t have any details that scream compression gear in it. Available in four different varieties, this product offers mild compression at 15-20 mmHg making it suitable for traveling and everyday use.


  • Basic design
  • Very affordable
  • Latex-free making it suitable for those with latex allergies
  • Cushioned toe and heel design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to wear


  • Can’t be used for workouts
  • Long length

If you want a pair that won’t distract from your professional outfits, this pair will be a great addition to your rotation of compression gear.

03. CompressionZ Compression Socks

Another versatile option for compression socks is the CompressionZ Compression Socks. Primarily designed for sports, it has features like silver yarn for to ward off bacterial growth and anti-odor components to keep it smelling fresh. It can still be an excellent travel compression gear as its athletic details are pretty minimal and because it has a solid 20-30 mmHg rating.


  • Breathable material makes it comfortable to wear
  • Snug fit and Simple design
  • Versatile and Flexible
  • Can also provide support for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems
  • Hygienic
  • Available in different styles, colors, and sizes


  • Inconsistent sizing for different designs

Versatility and its high compression rating make this product a great pick for most travelers and daily users. The wide range of designs can also help you find a good match for your travel style.

04. Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

If you want a dedicated air travel compression gear, the Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks might just tickle your fancy. This pair is designed specifically for long haul flights and employs medical-grade graduated support. It actually has three different compression ratings: 25-30 mmHg at the ankles, 15-20 mmHg for the length of the calf, and 10-15 mmHg right under the knee. This offers an effective boost in blood flow, ensuring great comfort and ample support.


  • Premium design and top-notch performance
  • Advanced technology employed
  • Provides support for common feet problems like plantar fasciitis
  • Seamless toe box design
  • Padded sole
  • Arch support
  • Easy to wear and Breathable


  • Tends to cause overheating

Those who think that a single compression rating for the entire leg won’t cut it, this product is a solid choice. Its unique design might just suit your unique needs.

05. Mubasel Gear Compression Socks

Socks may be the last thing that you’ll expect to have a scientific design, but with compression gear, this idea doesn’t seem too far out. To ensure a great fit and performance, the Mubasel Gear Compression Socks were carefully crafted to provide create the perfect balance between comfort and performance, making it a solid choice for compression therapy. This product has 20-30 mmHg rating making it suitable for different kinds of uses but most especially for travel.


  • Scientific design for its graduated compression technology
  • Breathable
  • Made of nylon & lycra blend fabric
  • 45-day trial period
  • Cushioned toe and heel for comfort
  • Safe for those with latex sensitivities
  • Available in different designs
  • Comfortable fit


  • Sizing can be tricky

A solid choice if you like something that you can wear for working out and travel. You can also get these socks at marked down prices, which makes them even more attractive options.

06. Travelsox Flight Travel Socks

Touted as the original travel compression socks, the Travelsox Flight is a product that you should try if you like using compression gear during your long trips. They’re crafted by experts and also offers foot compression aside from leg compression. This makes it suitable for those with foot problems like high arches and plantar fasciitis.

As the Travelsox compression socks are made in Italy, you can be guaranteed of top-notch quality and durability. It also has a patented graduated compression that guarantees comfort and support like no other.


  • Quality made
  • Versatile
  • Antibacterial and moisture-wicking
  • Provides support to both the legs and feet


  • Can be too thick for dress shoes
  • Varying prices

This can be a great pick for those who prefer products from the pioneers in the trend.

07. Travelon Compression Travel Socks

Another great pair of compression socks for traveling is the Travelon Compression Travel Socks. With the brand’s 35 years of experience, you can say that they’re authorities when it comes to these garments. Made from a combination of polyamide and elastane, it offers a good combination of comfort and support that’s great for long trips and everyday use.


  • Unisex styling
  • Very versatile
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Very few sizes to choose from

If comfort is your priority when it comes to socks, this pair will be a great pick.

Best Compression Socks for Pregnancy

Weight gain is very common among pregnant women. With their whole balance thrown off and additional pressure applied to their lower limbs, it’s easy to understand why being pregnant is entailed with a lot of aches and pains.

The best compression socks can help manage the discomfort brought by pregnancy, however. This is why these garments are gaining more popularity as of late as more and more women discover how compression gear can alleviate the pains they have to manage while waiting for they come to full term. They’re also guaranteed to be safe for your baby, making them quick and easy solutions for most maternity discomforts.

Feet Problems During Pregnancy

A few of the most common feet problems pregnant women experience include:

  • Leg cramps are experienced by almost half of all pregnant mothers everywhere. Experts believe that it’s often caused by potassium and calcium deficiency.
  • Varicose veins are caused by poor blood circulation and the increased amount of blood in a pregnant woman’s system. They may not exactly be painful for everyone, but there are others who experience throbbing and pains on their legs because of these swollen veins.
  • Edema is the condition where excess fluids and blood accumulate in your tissues, causing it to swell rather painfully. This is commonly experienced by pregnant women in their third trimester.

How Compression Footwear can Help you During Maternity

With so many different products marketed towards pregnant women, why should she give compression gear a shot? The main reason why these garments should be considered as essentials by moms-to-be is the fact that it helps blood to circulate better in the leg area. By doing this, it can:

  • prevent swelling
  • soothe leg and foot aches
  • prevent the formation of varicose veins
  • reduce fatigue
  • provide comfort and
  • provide support to swollen legs.

Things to Look for while Choosing Compression Socks for Moms-to-Be

When shopping for compression socks for pregnant women, you need to consider these few things to make sure that you’re getting the right item for your needs:

The Right Compression Rating

For pregnant women, mild compression or the 15-20 mmHg rating will suffice in providing ample pressure on your legs to boost the circulation. Most commercially available compression gear have this rating so you shouldn’t worry too much about finding a great pair for your needs.

The Most Comfortable and Supportive Length

Maternity compression gear comes in knee-high, thigh-high, and even full-host varieties. Some say that full-host compression stockings provide additional support to pregnant women, but they can be very difficult to put on. Knee-high socks are the easiest to work with and can be worn on a daily basis so it can be the best pick for a lot of pregnant women.

The Wearer’s Health Conditions

It’s important to keep yourself safe and in top shape when pregnant, so it’s vital to know whether you have health issues that can be exacerbated by these garments. Check whether you’re allergic to the materials used or if you have blood flow and skin disorders that can worsen with the use of these items.

Is it safe to wear compression socks to bed?

Wearing compression socks during pregnancy prevents blood from pooling in the veins and reduces elevated heart rate in both mother and child. Additionally, compression stockings may reduce the risk of varicose veins, phlebitis, and thrombosis. But you have to careful not to wear during bed. You need to remove compression socks or stockings before going to bed but after wake up your first activity would be to put them back again on your legs.

Top 5 Maternity Compression Socks

Comparison Chart to make your life easier.



Compression Level




BeVisible Sports Maternity Compression Socks

20 - 30 mmHg

Nylon 76.6%, Spandex 23.4%


SB SOX Graduated Compression Sock


Nylon and spandex


MadeMother Maternity Compression Stockings

16-21 to 30-35 mmHg

76% Nylon


Maternity Compression Socks


70% Nylon/ 30% Spandex


MadeMother Pregnancy Compression Socks

10-15 to 25-30 mmHg


01. BeVisible Sports Maternity Compression Socks

Most compression socks won’t cut it for pregnant women not just because they’re often in men’s sizes, but also because they usually look like tube or athletic socks. As an alternative, this BeVisible compression gear is styled like it’s a regular pair of hosiery that you can wear with most mid-length dresses without any worries. These knee-high, open toe socks have 20-30 mmHg compression rating, allowing it to provide extra pressure and prevent water retention and swelling.


  • Tear-resistant
  • 90-day risk-free trial
  • Can be worn with dresses and skirts
  • Graduated compression technology


  • Ankle fit is a bit of an issue

If you want a pair of maternity compression socks that you can wear with regular clothes and for work, this product is worth considering.

02. SB SOX Graduated Compression Socks

Compression socks aren’t cheap, but if you’re willing to look hard enough, you’ll find a good affordable product like this one from SB Sox. These compression socks cost less than most of its competitors but still has great features and reviews.

Offering a 20-30 mmHg compression rating, this sporty pair is suitable for everyday use and even maternity use. It makes use of a graduated compression technology that ensures comfort and support all at the same time.


  • Great price
  • Excellent comfort
  • Versatile
  • Available in different sizes
  • Unisex design
  • Very comfortable sole


  • Sizing is quite tricky

You should find this pair a nice fit for your needs if you want a comfortable yet supportive pair of socks that you can wear for more casual or sporty occasions.

03. MadeMother Maternity Compression Stockings

Another maternity compression garment is the MadeMother Maternity Compression Stockings. Like the pair from BeVisible, these have open toe design, which can suit a lot of women’s preferences. Made of nylon, it offers graduated compression with medical grade 30-35 mmHg at the ankles, 20-26 mmHg in the calves, and 16-21 mmHg below the knee.


  • Can be worn with regular clothes
  • Available in different sizes
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable


  • Sizing can be a bit tricky

Great for women who doesn’t like the sporty look of most maternity compression socks, these MadeMother compression stockings will surely let you cover up and manage your edema. They will also won’t distract from your formal clothes making them highly functional and essential for a lot of working moms to be.

04. Maternity Compression Socks

Not too keen on high compression ratings of most maternity compression gear? Then the Maternity Compression Socks is an option you shouldn’t disregard. It has a 15-21 mmHg compression rating, which is already enough for most healthy wearers who only want to boost their comfort and prevent swelling while they’re pregnant.

Thanks to its neutral coloring and stockings-like design, these socks will also easily blend well with regular clothes. They’re also breathable and antibacterial, making them great undergarment pieces for any pregnant lady.


  • Comes with a sock aid for easier wearing
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Made of nylon and spandex
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Sizing chart is not very detailed

While it looks just like the MadeMother and BeVisible options, this one has a lower compression rating, which can be a good thing if you’re not looking for a heavy-duty pair of compression socks. It still gets the job done, however, especially if you’re not in much need of compression therapy.

05. MadeMother Pregnancy Compression Socks

Another option from MadeMother is their Pregnancy Compression Socks. Unlike the other item on this list, this pair looks more like a pair of gym socks but in a more feminine color and design. It offers graduated compression technology that ranges from 10 to 30 mmHg for different parts of the foot and leg, making it very effective in providing ample pressure to your legs and feet.

What makes it even better is its meticulous design. It actually has adjustable sleeve cuffs so it should fit you no matter how tall or short you may be.


  • Looks like a pair of really cute gym socks
  • Excellent compression rating
  • Comfortable fit
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Guaranteed to fit really nicely
  • Breathable and Easy to wear
  • Provides plantar arch support as well
  • 90 days warranty


  • Quite thick

If you’re after a nice pair of compression socks that will look great with your gym clothes, this product might just be it. Designed for pregnant women, these socks will be nice alternatives to your everyday compression socks.

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