Are Cheap Shoes Worth It or Not?

Many people are always on the lookout for the best shoes, at the best deal.  But are the best bargains actually worth it, both money-wise, and feet-wise?  Today, we are looking at how cheap shoes not only wear out faster than their more expensive counterparts, but also can be damaging to your feet causing you a lot of pain and discomfort, not only to your feet but to your other joints as well. You can read more on Research and You about how to help aching joints and pains, but to help prevent the pain in the first place, you need to look at your shoes.

Cheap Shoes Go Bad Faster

The most obvious reason against buying cheap shoes, they tend to wear out long before more expensive shoes.  When comparing a $10 pair of strappy sandals to a pair that cost $100, you will most likely be throwing away the $10 pair before the end of the season, while the expensive pair will stay with you for years to come.  In the long run, the $100 pair of shoes may in fact become cheaper than having to rebuy the $10 pair over and over again.  If your goal is to save money, cheap shoes are not the best way to go.

How Are Cheap Shoes Ruining Your Feet?

By buying cheap shoes, not only is it harming your wallet, but doctors have found that you are actually harming your health!  Many times when you find cheap shoes, there are many problems with them that you may not see just by a simple inspection.  Those problems can include:

Plastic, Plastic, Plastic

Most cheap shoes are made out of synthetic materials, a.k.a. plastic.  While many clothes are now made of polyester, they are made in ways to still allow your body to breath.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with shoes.  When you put your feet into plastic shoes, the plastic will cause your feet to sweat much more than other materials.  Not only will this sweat make your feet smell terrible, it also makes for the perfect place for bacteria and fungi to grow on your feet.  This can lead to problems, like athlete’s foot or blisters, which nobody wants!

Flat Insoles

If you look at the bottom of your feet, they aren’t flat.  Even people with flat feet do not have perfectly flat feet.  So, why are we putting our feet into shoes with flat insoles?  By not giving your feet the proper support or cushion you are opening your feet for a variety of problems.  First off, your muscles will tire much more quickly.  Also, the constant stepping without proper cushioning causes stress on your feet that can actually cause stress fractures in your heels and lower legs.  Lastly, without proper arch support, your feet will tend to roll inwards with every step, which will stretch your tendons and ligaments all the way up to your knees. So, learn Best Way to Find The Right Boot For My Job.

Buying Too Big or Too Small

By trying to find that perfect bargain, even if the shoe doesn’t fit correctly can cause problems all in itself.  If your shoes are too big, your feet slide around in them, and your toes naturally try to grip the shoes for a better fit.  All of this strain from your toes can cause muscle cramps through your entire foot.  Shoes that are too small can cause a loss of circulation to your feet, which can be equally harmful.

Tips For Buying The Right Shoes For You

Finding the right pair of shoes is extremely important, so here are some tips for making sure your shoes fit correctly, and will keep your feet healthy and happy!


  • Buy shoes in the afternoon – This will allow feet to naturally expand, to make sure your feet will fit perfectly.
  • Wear the correct socks – Wearing thin socks while trying on big boots will give you the wrong feel for the size.
  • Stand and walk around – Don’t let the “broken in” myth stop you from buying comfortable shoes. They should fit from the start.
  • Don’t trust the size – Just like clothes, a size 8 shoe in one store is not a size 8 in another. Make sure you try shoes on!
  • Check for tags and seams – Sometimes shoes have things inside that could irritate your feet and cause blisters.
  • Examine the soles of the shoes – Make sure they are sturdy enough and have plenty of cushion!


Overall, cheap shoes can be extremely detrimental to your overall foot health.  Make sure you buy the right shoes with right standards, at the right price, to make sure you will have happy, healthy feet for life.

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