3 Best Ways to Fold Socks : Which One To Choose for Yourself?

3 Best Ways to Fold Socks Which One To Choose for Yourself

Socks, as we all know are a necessity, while these are a seemingly small part of our wardrobe, it has multiple uses and has been established as a very vital part of our everyday clothing. They keep us warm, protect our feet and absorb the sweat, and usually used to add a stylistic flair to our outfits as well as depict our individual personalities.

Socks come in different sizes, styles, and countless materials like cotton, polyester, silk, acrylic or a combination of all of those. In spite of its functions, though, keeping them neat and tidy by folding them can be a real struggle.

If you have experienced folding your socks at least once in your lifetime without anyone helping you, then chances are you could have shamelessly failed at this more than once.

Let’s face it; all of us struggle at folding our clothes neatly regardless if it’s your underwear, shirts, pants, and socks. But, don’t worry you are not a hopeless case, because there is a way for you to fold your socks neatly without stretching it down to a pulp, and we will be discussing them all in detail in this article.

3 Ways to fold your Socks the Neatly and Correctly

First of all things that you should know, sock folding is not as hard as it looks, and you will be surprised to know that this actually takes a few minutes to do and won’t even be hard. Here are 4 simple ways that you can follow to fold your socks as neatly and tidily as you can:

Military Style Roll up

This style of sock folding is the most practical method and works well for any kind of socks that you have, especially tube socks. This is also another good way for you to save up on some space when you are going on a trip with family and friends. Here’s how you do this style correctly:

  • First start with a clean pair of matching socks. Make sure to lay the pair of socks down on a flat surface, like an ironing board or a table, so that it will be easy for you to fold them neatly. Place both socks on top of each other, with both your hands ensure that they are straightened out and not crumpled.

    Once they are aligned with each other and straightened, line them both up together so that if when you turn them to the side, it will come out looking like just one 1 sock. Make sure that while you are doing this, the cuffs, heels and toes are lined up.
  • After all the preparation has been made, start folding it slightly by tucking in the top cuff. Bring the cuff of the sock on top to about an inch down and then inward towards the second sock.

    Roll up the socks starting from the toes by ensuring that you roll them as tight as you can. Continue to roll the socks until you reach the very top. Take note, that the tighter you roll it, the more neat and compact the outcome will be.

    Once they are neatly tucked and rolled, insert a finger inside of the outer cuff and start pulling the outer cuff over the top then around the rolled socks. Be sure to tuck in any parts that are loose. The out come should look like tight little rolls.
  • You can repeat this method with other kinds of socks; just remember to keep the rolling tight, because this will be a struggle as the socks may dis-align.

Folding over the cuffs

This is one of the easiest and the most common method used to fold socks. If you are a beginner, you will want to learn this first out of everything, because it does not require too much technique. This works well with any kind of socks, especially with socks that are usually used for casual outfits. This method is so easy, that even children can learn it quickly. Here’s how you can accomplish this fold:

  • Again, start with a clean pair of socks, and then place them on top of a flat surface like a table or an ironing board. Line them both so that when you turn them on their side, it should look like you only have 1 sock. Remember that the toes, cuffs, and heels should all be lined up neatly.
  • Begin folding by smoothening them out, across the fabric run your hands so that you can get rid of any lumps, this will ensure that you have a neat fold. Hold one of the cuffs and then fold over the top of the other sock. After this, pull down on the folded part all the way down, until your preferred length.
  • Practice, practice and more practice. After a few tries, you will eventually get the hang of it, and start doing it faster than when you started. This method is also great for saving space in your drawers so that you have plenty of room to place other particulars.

​Crossing the Socks

This method is one of the neatest out of all the other methods, and works best for knee high socks, and crew socks. After this, it will leave your socks in a square looking fold that doesn’t stretch the cuffs, and will help your sock drawer look neat and clean, with lots of space.  Here’s how you can do this fold:

  • Start again with pair of matching socks, and place them down on top of one another on a flat surface. Straighten the socks, and make sure that there are no lumps.
  • Lay one sock on top of the other so that it forms a cross. Ensure that the bottom heel of the sock is faced up, and the top sock crossed with the bottom one at the middle. After this, hold the bottom sock by the toe and fold it across the top sock.

    After this, the cross will form a letter T. Tuck the toe part that extends past the top part of the sock underneath it. Hold the bottom sock by the cuff, and fold that end as well as far as it goes.

    Start tucking the unfolded sock by bringing it by the toes across the forming square, then tuck in the parts that are still sticking out. Bring over the remaining long parts of the sock to the cuff, then turn the folded sock square and tuck in the two other loose cuffs.

    Fatten the square once these are tucked in properly.
  • Again, try practicing this daily so that you can get the hang of it quickly.

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